How to Avoid Bad Breath and Boost Your Confidence

Jean Winters | Sunday, June 23, 2024

My new wonderful, amazing, handsome boyfriend was about to break up with me. And it was all my fault.

All because I couldn’t take a hint.

Ever since we started dating, he’d say things like, “Wow, I sure love charcoal toothpaste. What’s your favorite brand of toothpaste?”

And “this mouthwash does hit the spot.” Then he would gargle in my face.

He would floss with me and even bought me a tongue scraper.

I just couldn’t figure out what he was getting at, though.

I thought he just must be really into oral hygiene, he chewed gum in front of me constantly, and offered me gum and mints all the time.

And then one day he offered me a stick of gum and I said, “No, Thanks.”

That’s when he broke down, “Darling,” he said, “Sorry I just can’t take any more roadkill breath.”

I felt dread welling up in the pit of my stomach. “Are you saying that my breath smells like a dead animal?”

“Well, yes, roadkill,” he replied, too embarrassed to look at me, “I don’t get it, a pretty little thing like you and with breath that could slay a dragon. I’m sorry.”

That’s when I knew I needed to turn to an expert before my hot boyfriend gave up on me. I decided to take that dental appointment I’ve been putting off.

Finally, I decided to take that dental appointment I’ve been putting off hoping that my dentist would have a secret.

It was actually the dental hygienist who had the best answer for me. Her name was Katie. She had this big, wide smile and you see all over her shiny white teeth. Her smile made me instantly trust her.

Well, she was in the room with me before the dentist examined me. She took a deep whiff of my mouth.

“When was the last time you brushed?” she said, turning away abruptly.

“This morning,” I explained, “Any idea on what to do about my bad breath? That’s actually why I came. No matter what I do, I always seem to have nasty breath.”

Katie chuckled, “Actually, I do. Take this.” She handed me what looked like a small white mint.

I popped it in my mouth and instantly a refreshing, minty sensation washed over my tongue. Somehow it was more refreshing than a regular mint.

“What kind of mint is that?” I said.

“It’s not a mint at all,” she replied, “It’s actually a dental probiotic, called Best Breath. It contains five different strains of dental probiotics in it. The real cause of bad breath isn’t what we eat. It comes from inside. It’s the balance of our mouth microbes. Just like we take probiotics for our stomachs, we should be taking them for our mouth as well.

“With a modern American diet and even with mouthwash, we tend to disrupt our mouth microbes. The disrupted biome makes bad breath more prominent. That’s where Best Breath comes in. It reintroduces the good microbes that are healthy for our gums, teeth and breath. It rebalances them.”

“Wow,” I said, “Where can I get them? Can I buy them right here?”

“Oh no,” she chuckled, “We need to keep our own supply for all the patients that come in because sometimes it sells out. The dentist hates to work on patients who have bad breath. The best place to buy them is online. I think they might be running a deal right now.”

Katie left me, and I was waiting for the dentist, so I pulled Best Breath up on my phone right then.

I looked at the reviews, and they were amazing! Over 2,400 good ones. Here are a couple that stood out to me:

No more nasty tastes in my mouth

So far so good! No more nasty tastes in my mouth. No more self conscious feelings when talking to people face to face. Like many others, I have great dental hygiene, but have struggled with bad breath for years. I’ve tried some other things that worked for short amounts of time, but it always came back… this, so far, is doing the job! Even when I wake up in the morning, prior to brushing, my mouth feels clean. Like, I can talk to people without seeing their expression of ‘omg bad breath!’ on their face.

– Elliot Winslow, Texas

This stuff fixed my bad breath – and I’d tried everything!

I floss every day. I brush twice a day. I use a tongue scraper. I see the dentist every 6 months – I’ve never even had a cavity, but my breath stank. I’ve done other probiotics and still nothing really made me think I had it beat. Small improvements here and there but I knew there had to be something. I bought my first bottle of Best Breath, I did the recommended dosage for the first few days and bought another bottle and still doing the regular dosage and it has made the biggest difference. I had almost given up — and thought I’d give this a shot. So glad I did!

– Jennae Collins, Florida

No more morning breath

My poor son has morning breath that could kill a small animal. If he has one of these before bed, his breath is much less rancid. I like that I can have morning kisses and hugs without cringing now.

– Susan Tully, California

After my dentist’s recommendation and seeing all of the glowing reviews online, I was sold. I needed to try Best Breath for myself.

I tried to buy but I found out it was sold out.

When I went home I kept checking for the next 5 days straight.

Finally it was back in stock. I hit that ‘buy’ button like my finger was on fire.

When they arrived, I decided to put them to the test by having my boyfriend over for a garlicy Italian dinner.

After dinner, I secretly popped one in my mouth right away, and then, before my boyfriend could stop me, I blew in his face.

At first, his face crumpled up and he turned away like he expected to smell hot garbage, then he turned back towards me, “What was that? How’d yo get minty breath like that?”

I explained Best Breath and he gave me a big hug.

After every meal, I started taking Best Breath and right away my breath remained minty all the time.

People stopped stepping away from me when I talked to them.

My mouth and gums feel better than ever and my gums are a healthy, bright pink.

The craziest thing is I don’t get morning breath anymore. No morning breath, no coffee breath, nothing!

That’s all thanks to Best Breath. It is definitely my favorite product of the year and I couldn’t recommend it more! And my boyfriend might even love it more than me!


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Georgeann Genna

Since taking it about 2 weeks ago, I have noticed a decrease in "morning breath", less bleeding when I floss and at my last dental check up my gum pockets had decreased! I love that I can pop it in my mouth before bed and let it works its magic!

Like · Reply · 38 · 9 Hours

Erika Medie

I have battled canker sores for years and tried almost everything. I am three weeks free of canker sores and yes, my breath is now always fresh too. This is a life changer for those of you who are suffering. Give it a try, I hope it works for you too.

Like · Reply · 32 · 12 Hours

Clay Matthew Pirtle

Wife says she can tell a noticeable difference in my breath and that's all that matters =]

Like · Reply · 43 · 14 Hours

Cheryl Rackers

I read somewhere that many A-list actors and actresses swear by these Best Breath pills.

Like · Reply · 22 · 16 Hours

Martin Fraley

My dentist recommended me to take these for sore throats and I can confirm they work GREAT! After dealing with constant sore throats for so many years, this is the one product that has successfully worked every time. Now any time I feel a dry scratchy throat, I take one and my sore throat is improved and then completely gone shortly after. Nothing has every worked this fast before, its completely natural, tastes great and even my 7 year old who's a picky eater LOVES taking them.

Like · Reply · 18 · 17 Hours

Laura Sylvia

I had struggled mightily with unbearable bad breath, especially after I got dental implants. No matter what I did, the embarrassing stench returned within minutes. Nothing worked until I found this product. Within days my bad breath completely disappeared! This product is a game changer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who have suffered with dragon breath!

Like · Reply · 34 · 19 Hours

Betty Sylvester

I have the terrible habbit of biting my lip, cheek, tongue. Then yhw bite gets infected and takes forever to heal. I started taking these and since doing so the healing time has been greatly reduced. They are a little chalky, but not terrible (way better than tums on the chalky scale)

Like · Reply · 24 · 20 Hours

Ashley Anita

A must have product for anyone looking to truly improve the condition of your mouth.

Like · Reply · 28 · 23 Hours