I don’t even know why I’m writing this. What happened should NOT be made public. In fact, it’s hands-down the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. But I feel it is my duty to share what I’ve learned for the greater good…

I recently decided to make dating a bigger priority in my life. So, I made a couple online dating profiles and started looking for guys who might be a match.

Date after date, every single guy acted like he had a great time with me, then couldn’t get away fast enough when we started getting close at the end of the date. I just couldn’t understand it. Until I went out with this one guy, Mike, and then I finally understood everything…

After dinner, he walked me to my car, and we chatted for a little. I could tell something was on his mind, and finally a small silence fell on us as we looked at each other. Then, he said something I couldn’t believe…

“Look,” he said, “I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it. I had an amazing time tonight. You’re so pretty and easy to talk to. And I want to go out with you again. And, I want to kiss you. But… your breath is just really bad right now.”

I. Was. Shell shocked.

My breath? MY BREATH?

I could barely hear anything else he said. There was like a ringing in my ears. I just got in my car and got out of there as fast as I could. I started ugly crying, and I was SO EMBARRASED! I never wanted to go on another date again!

After that incident, I became so self-conscious and insecure about my breath. I have been noticing the reaction of co-workers, friends and even some family members whenever I talk to them. Constantly rubbing their noses or covering their noses.

I needed a way to test how bad my breath really was. For anyone who is curious about what their own breath smells like, here’s a simple way to test it out: Lick the back of your hand, wait a few seconds for it to dry, and then smell it. (But be warned, you may be shocked at what your breath smells like and there’s a good chance others are smelling it too!)

Turns out, I am THAT GIRL with the bad breath. My breath smelled like a combination of sour milk & rotten fish. I was disgusted with my own breath, and ever since then, i have been avoiding talking to people. This problem has literally changed me from an extrovert to an introvert.

From that point on, I was hell-bent on finding a way to fix my bad breath. So, I went to the store and got all the toothpastes and mouthwashes that promised to eliminate bad breath. I brushed my teeth and flossed in ways that would make any dentist proud. I brushed my tongue with a tongue scraper every morning and night. I took breath mints and chewing gum everywhere I went.

But no matter what I did, it would only temporarily mask my bad breath and after an hour, my breath would return to that nasty, putrid smell. After a month of trying different combinations of “breath-freshening” products, there wasn’t any improvement in my breath. So, I made an appointment with my dentist to see if there was something else I could do.

I explained everything to him (even about getting rejected!), and he patiently listened, nodding his head the whole time. When I was done, he checked my mouth and told me something that would completely change my life…

“Sarah,” he said. “I’m glad you came to see me because your bad breath is just a symptom of other more potentially serious health problems. It’s caused by the growth of “bad bacteria” in your oral microbiome, and if left untreated, it can lead to cavities, gum disease, tonsil stones and other oral health issues. In addition, these types of oral conditions are thought to be linked to other ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.”

He then went on to explain that over 65% of the population in America has bad breath and that once you get over the age of 40, the oral health risks associated with bad breath exponentially increase!

(Who knew that bad breath would be the LEAST of my worries!)

Luckily, my dentist recommended a new dental product called “Best Breath” that he guaranteed would not only get rid of my bad breath for good, but also help prevent the slew of oral health issues associated with bad breath.

What is Best Breath and how does it work?

Remember how we talked about “bad bacteria” growing in your mouth that not only causes bad breath but can also lead to cavities, gum disease, etc? Well, Best Breath is a mint-flavored pill that’s packed with K12 probiotics and made in the USA. K12 is what we consider “good bacteria” that reduces the bad bacteria in your mouth, stopping the cause of unhealthy gums and bad breath, right at the source. But, that’s not all they do…

A recent study released by the International Health Journal of Science and Medical Research cited the oral health benefits of the probiotic K12 ingredient in preventing reoccurring infections in the mouth and throat.

Put simply, your mouth has its own ecosystem, and K12 not only eliminates the bad bacteria, it also boosts the good bacteria. And, all of this ties into the body, as a whole. In fact, research shows that Best Breath can strengthen the immune system within 24 hours.

So, why does Best Breath work better than other “breath fresheners?”

Like I said above, Best Breath boosts the good bacteria in your mouth. Now, compare this to mouth wash, which tries its best to eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth, even the good kinds. So, basically, using mouthwash is like using a nuke to take out a small band of renegades. It’s overkill.

And that’s why Best Breath works so well… it boosts the “good soldiers” in your mouth, the good bacteria that keeps your mouth healthy, while reducing the odor-causing bacteria. That way, you get legitimate, naturally-fresh breath and you fix the root of the problem.

Over 10 million bottles sold?

The K12 probiotic was only discovered relatively recently, and most people like you and I don’t know what it is. Well, that’s changing, fast, and it’s being picked up more and more in the mainstream media.

In fact, ever since Best Breath was featured on TV, it’s been selling out worldwide… recently hitting 10 million sold so far…

But… is it really worth all this hype?

Since its debut, Best Breath has been in a state of constant flux, shifting between IN STOCK and SOLD OUT every other week. But, that’s not all…

It’s also amassed tons of loyal followers from all around the world…

Best Breath has easily developed a cult following with over 8,500 5-star reviews. Here are some reviews:

No more nasty tastes in my mouth

So far so good! No more nasty tastes in my mouth. No more self conscious feelings when talking to people face to face. Like many others, I have great dental hygiene, but have struggled with bad breath for 10 years or so. I’ve tried some other things that worked for short amounts of time, but it always came back… this, so far, is doing the job! Even when I wake up in the morning, prior to brushing, my mouth feels clean. Like, I can talk to people without seeing their expression of ‘omg bad breath!’ on their face.

It’s definitely improved my confidence as I can speak clearly with people, face to face. I truly hope it continues to work so well. I will be adding other things to my daily routine to hopefully make this a permanent change for the better.

This stuff fixed my bad breath – and I’d tried everything!

I did not always have bad breath and I’m trying to pinpoint still when it started but I can’t figure it out., maybe a crazy large dose of antibiotics a few years ago? Anyway, I floss every day. I brush twice a day. I use a tongue scraper. I see the dentist every 6 months – I’ve never even had a cavity, but my breath was just not good. At one point I had thought maybe I had candida so I did a crazy diet-and nothing, maybe got worse even. I’ve done other probiotics and still nothing really made me think I had it beat. Small improvements here and there but I knew there had to be something. I bought my first bottle of Best Breath, I did the intense dosage for the first bottle days and bought a larger bottle and still doing the intense dosage and it has made the biggest difference. I had almost given up — and thought I’d give this a shot. So glad I did!

No more morning breath

My poor son has morning breath that could kill a small animal. If he has one of these before bed, his breath is much less rancid. I like that I can have morning kisses and hugs without cringing now.

After my dentist’s recommendation and seeing all of the glowing reviews online, I was sold. I needed to try Best Breath for myself.

So, I ordered a bottle online through their official website (it’s only available online through their website). Once it arrived, I checked out the directions, which just said to put one pill in your mouth and let it dissolve after you brush your teeth in the morning. Conversely, you can take it at night after brushing your teeth to combat morning breath.

One little pill. Could it really be so easy? I was about to find out…

One bottle comes with 30 pills for a 1 month supply, so I decided to keep a journal of my experience for the first month. Each day, I followed the instructions by taking one pill, and letting it dissolve in my mouth AFTER I brushed my teeth in the morning.

Day 1 – I woke up and brushed my teeth like I normally do. I took one pill and let it dissolve in my mouth like a mint. It had a nice minty flavor to it and took about 3 minutes to fully dissolve in my mouth. I went about my day like normal and after lunch I did the breath test by licking my hand. The result: no putrid smell! Instead of smelling like sour milk and rotten fish, it smelled like absolutely nothing! This is great, but I wondered if this would hold up in the future days to come?

Day 3 – My tongue feels cleaner throughout the day and doesn’t have that dry, sour taste in my mouth anymore.

Day 7 – I decided to throw everything I could at my breath and get really aggressive with my tests. I drank coffee in the morning which usually gives me the worst breath. But low and behold, even after drinking coffee and doing the breath test, my breath was free and clear of any stink!

Day 14 – Here’s a before and after pic of what my tongue looks like after taking Best Breath for 2 weeks straight. The difference is amazing! As you can see, the picture on the left is my tongue before I started taking Best Breath and it looks like it’s covered in a white film which is probably the “bad bacteria”… gross! The picture on the right is after I had been taking Best Breath everyday for 2 weeks, and my tongue looks so much healthier!

Day 21 – After 3 weeks, I was feeling so much more confident about myself and thought it was time to put my breath up to the ultimate test. So, I had my best friend check my breath. (I know, I was becoming obsessive! But, if you’re like me, you know that you’d do anything to make sure you didn’t have bad breath anymore!) I went over to her house mid-day, told her what was happening, and gave her a nice big whiff of my breath. She didn’t have a negative reaction at all and she said my breath didn’t smell like anything!

Day 30 – At this point, I’m fully convinced that Best Breath has fixed my bad breath. But after my last dentist appointment, I was worried about other potential oral health issues so I went back for another dental check-up. When my dentist checked my mouth, he said he could tell that Best Breath was working because my tongue, gums and oral cavity looked much healthier even from just 30 days ago. He told me that by taking Best Breath, I saved myself future trips to the dentist and thousands of dollars on potential surgery down the line. And of course, he was able to confirm that my breath no longer smelled which was a bonus!

While all this was happening, Mike had been texting me, telling me how sorry he was, and how much of a jerk he was for saying that to me. While I did think it was a jerk move, if it weren’t for him, I would have never discovered Best Breath and I would have continued walking around with stinky breath, and even worse, may have suffered some serious dental health problems. So, I decided to give him another chance…

The next day, I met Mike in the parking lot of the restaurant we had eaten at over a month before. When he got out of the car, he rushed up to me, apologizing again. But, I cut him off by reaching up and kissing him…

When we parted lips, he just had one thing to say…


It brought a smile to my face.

Today, Mike and I have been dating for 4 months now… and he never misses an opportunity to slide in close and give me a kiss. I went from getting rejected over and over, to being in a relationship with the most amazing man I’ve ever met! If that’s not proof enough, I don’t know what is!

Do yourself a favor. Even if no one’s ever point-blank told you that your breath stinks, like Mike did with me, get Best Breath anyway. It’ll completely freshen your breath and may be the difference in preventing a cavity or even worse, gum disease. And, it just might change your life!

To see if they are still available and in stock, click on the button below.

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Georgeann Genna
Since taking it about 2 weeks ago, I have noticed a decrease in "morning breath", less bleeding when I floss and at my last dental check up my gum pockets had decreased! I love that I can pop it in my mouth before bed and let it works its magic!
Like · Reply · 38 · 9 Hours
Erika Medie
I have battled canker sores for years and tried almost everything. I am three weeks free of canker sores and yes, my breath is now always fresh too. This is a life changer for those of you who are suffering. Give it a try, I hope it works for you too.
Like · Reply · 32 · 12 Hours
Clay Matthew Pirtle
Wife says she can tell a noticeable difference in my breath and that's all that matters =]
Like · Reply · 43 · 14 Hours
Cheryl Rackers
I read somewhere that many A-list actors and actresses swear by these Best Breath pills.
Like · Reply · 22 · 16 Hours
Martin Fraley
My dentist recommended me to take these for sore throats and I can confirm they work GREAT! After dealing with constant sore throats for so many years, this is the one product that has successfully worked every time. Now any time I feel a dry scratchy throat, I take one and my sore throat is improved and then completely gone shortly after. Nothing has every worked this fast before, its completely natural, tastes great and even my 7 year old who's a picky eater LOVES taking them.
Like · Reply · 18 · 17 Hours
Laura Sylvia
I had struggled mightily with unbearable bad breath, especially after I got dental implants. No matter what I did, the embarrassing stench returned within minutes. Nothing worked until I found this product. Within days my bad breath completely disappeared! This product is a game changer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who have suffered with dragon breath!
Like · Reply · 34 · 19 Hours
Betty Sylvester
I have the terrible habbit of biting my lip, cheek, tongue. Then yhw bite gets infected and takes forever to heal. I started taking these and since doing so the healing time has been greatly reduced. They are a little chalky, but not terrible (way better than tums on the chalky scale)
Like · Reply · 24 · 20 Hours
Ashley Anita
A must have product for anyone looking to truly improve the condition of your mouth.
Like · Reply · 28 · 23 Hours