Finally, Get Frosty Cold Relief From Blazing Summer Heat And Humidity – No Matter Where You Are!

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News reports that the summer of 2020 may be the hottest in history! Are you fully prepared to combat the blistering tempartures?

Let me break it down for you:

Traditional air conditioners are extremely outdated. They’re loud, they’re clunky, they’re nearly impossible to clean and they’re really expensive. Plus wherever you install your AC, it’s basically there for life. You can’t move it anywhere.

And let me ask you this, if you own an air conditioner, when was the last time you changed the filter in it? If you’re like most people (and me) probably never. That means your AC is most likely constantly blowing dirty and potentially harmful air around your home all day.


Fans on the other hand don’t really cool the air around you they just blow it in your face along with whatever nasty dust particles or microbes are in the air. So basically they just blow hot dirty air in your face.

Also gross.

Luckily there’s a much cheaper and frankly better alternative AC by Blaux that is outperforming both traditional air conditioners and fans from other big brands.

Summer’s here and this convenient little gadget has already sold millions of units worldwide, it’s quickly becoming one of the most widely purchased products of 2020.



Early last year a group of dedicated engineers had a really cool idea: to reinvent and perfect the air conditioner. They formed Blaux and immediately began making prototypes for a variety of designs.

Their goal was to make traditional air conditioners obsolete by making an AC that was affordable, safe, clean, and portable. Everything traditional ACs are not.

After literally dozens of designs and tweaks they finally came up with the Blaux Portable AC. It costs nothing to install, is super affordable and works great.

In fact compared to a traditional AC it’s over 3 times more efficient, smaller, portable – and it’s way better at cooling air!

The Blaux Portable AC can do everything the traditional AC can. It can cool any room, regulate humidity and filter dust particles…

But there are 3 reasons why a Blaux Portable AC is so much better than a traditional AC:

  1. The price is 10 times cheaper or more than an AC
  2. Ultra compact design takes up way less space.
  3. 100% portable and cord free so you can take it anywhere.

In my opinion, there is no reason to get a traditional AC when this new high tech option is available.


How Does The Blau x Portable AC Work?

Like I stated earlier one of the best things about the Blaux Portable AC is how easy it is to use. Simply fill the water tank with tap water and press the on button.

It’s smaller than a regular AC but because it’s so efficiently designed, a single full tank of water will last you the whole day.

However I think the coolest feature of the Blaux Portable AC is the powerful rechargable 200mAh battery that makes it 100% cordless. Not only can you put it in room you want, but you can also use it outside! On your porch, on a picnic, sporting events or wherever. You can have frosty cool relief from the heat and humidity wherever you go.

And get this: you can charge the battery using any USB port – even your laptop can charge it.

The device also has 3 different settings that can easily be adjusted with the buttons on top.

1is Cool, 2 is Frosty, and 3 is Freezing. In fact Blaux AC is able to drop air temperature by over 18°F / 10°C!

But… it does more than just cool down the room.

The Blaux Portable AC actively filters your surrounding air, making it healthier, cleaner and easier to breathe. That’s right, this baby is a 2 in 1 air conditioner and filter! This makes it a great choice for people with allergies.

You get all these features and the Blaux Portable AC is is as quiet as a mouse. You can barely hear it working compared to a regular fan or air conditioner. Peaceful and serene, it won’t wake you from your sleep during those hot summer nights.


Tons Of Amazing Features

Blaux Portable AC can do more than you think…


  • Cooling or Fan Mode – Can be operated as an air conditioner or a filtered fan at the press of a button.
  • Air Filtration And Quality – Double whammy, it acts as an air filter and a humidity control for easier breathing.
  • Fast and Efficient – Frosty air almost instantly… In just 30 seconds, Rapid Cooling Mode can pump out out 2.7 m/s of cold, refreshing air.
  • Variable Speeds – Threez options for fan speed depending on your needs.
  • Easy to Use – Easy to refill the water tank or swap out a filter. Big capacity 300ml tank will last you all day.
  • Take It Anywhere – Super lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It comes with its own carry handle and weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled.
  • Long Lasting Battery – Long lasting, powerful and easy to charge battery.
  • Whisper Quiet – No loud noise makes it perfect for the bedroom or office.
  • ​Mood Lighting – Fun integrated lights, pick a color to suit your mood.
  • Fully Adjustable – Adjustable vents to direct cool air wherever you need it.

And that’s not all!



Did you know that indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air pollution? Dust, pollen, pet dander even mold and mildew can be floating around your house without you knowing it. Even particles from your clothes and hair and dead skin can get into the air.

The Blaux Portable AC uses a high-tech Water Filtration device to trap in all these particles so you don’t have to breathe them.

The Blaux Portable AC, is so much more than just an air conditioner. I can confidently say that once you try it you’ll never want to go back to life without it!


Common Questions & Answers About Blaux Portable AC

Q: Do I need to install the Blaux Portable AC?
Nope. It was designed with ease of use in mind. It works right out of the box, fill with water, turn it on, and you’re good to go in 60 seconds. This means you can use it even in apartments where you wouldn’t be able to install air conditioning.

Q: Do I need to buy batteries?
No, the Blaux Portable AC has a rechargeable battery that will last you the entire day. Plug into any USB port to charge (even the one on your laptop). The charging cable is also included but will also work with any USB C cable.

Q: Where can I use it?

Anywhere you want! The Blaux’s strong battery lets you go cordless wherever you please… whether that’s your bedroom, your porch or balcony or even our on a picnic with your family.


Okay… But How Much Does It Cost?

Your Traditional AC will run you $300 – $900 or even more and keep in mind this is old outdated technology So you would expect the Blaux Portable AC to be somewhere in this range… right?

Amazingly the Blaux Portable AC retails for $178.00, which was way below what my initial expectations were.

$178.00 is obviously already a pretty good price right? But on top of that Blaux has started offering a huuuuuge discount for online customers only.

Now they have a 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $89!

Click here to claim a 50% off Blaux Portable AC (if it’s not sold out) >>

That’s a small price to pay for a brand new top of the line AC to help keep you cool this summer.


Why is this so much cheaper?

It’s a story as old as time. Big brands spend tons on advertising, physical stores, bonuses for greedy middlemen and salaries for high pressure salesmen. In the end it’s the consumer (you) who ends up paying for all this.

The Blaux Portable AC respects their brand and their customers and they don’t do any of this. They only sell online, don’t advertise on TV and don’t have greedy owners so all those savings come back to you.

Theses devices really do speak for themselves with the thousands of glowingly positive reviews doing the talking for them! The sheer number of them being sold speaks to the popularity and quality of these devices.


Conclusion: Is it worth the buy?

100% Yes absolutely. There’s a potentially scorching hot summer around the corner and the Blaux Portable AC is the cheapest and best way to beat the heat. Why spend almost a thousand dollars on an outdated AC when you could own a Blaux Portable AC instead?

I have a hunch that this 50% discount won’t be around forever so I’d buy now before the discount runs out. It’s already selling like crazy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out soon.

Try one out and you’ll quickly see why thousands of Americans have ordered theirs already! I mean I bet you can’t even browse the internet without seeing a review blog about how awesome these things really are.

The Blaux Portable AC works better than some $800 AC units, filters your air, and can be brought with you anywhere you please.

The real icing on the cake is the new low price. I don’t know if you’ll still be able to find it for under $200 later on but if you can get it for $89 I’d snatch it up immediately.

I’ll be super upfront here, I love mine and I can pretty much promise you that you won’t find a better AC for a better price.


How Do I Get One?

Caution! Don’t get ripped off! Tons of people are selling knockoffs online or taking orders and not delivering. Don’t get stuck in a bad situation, use the links provided in this article!

As of now August 20, 2020* – Blaux Portable AC is blowing up the internet and, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time 50% discount.