How to Make Toilets Almost Clean Enough to Eat Out Of

by DOUGLAS JONES   June 18, 2020   in TECH GADGETS

Toilets can be filled with nasty germs, but there’s an easy way to get rid of them without washing by hand!

Choose one:

Plucking out armpit hairs, one by one, by the roots


Having bathroom cleaning duty after my church’s potluck.

If you were a member of my church, you would choose to pluck out your armpit hairs and get spinsters put underneath your nails – that’s how gross it is in my church’s toilets after a potluck.

But we have a rotation in place so that every 10 weeks or so, it is my turn to clean the toilets, no matter what. It’s either that or I switch churches (and let me tell you – the thought did cross my mind!)

The last time I cleaned the woman’s toilets, accidentally having my hair fall against some skid marks, I just about vomited all the rich food I ate right into the toilet.

I resolved right then and there: I would find a better solution. Or I would switch churches, even though that would mean leaving my family and friends.

As a test toilet, I would use my home toilet, then when the time came, I would be prepared to face the church’s toilets.

To prepare, a smeared peanut butter in the bottom of the toilet. If I could figure out a product that would get rid of that peanut butter without my having to touch it, I would have a solution.

I tried just about every product under the sun to clean that toilet – bleach, apple cider vinegar – you name it, but the peanut butter remained against the bottom as gross as ever. It even started to cause a yellow ring stained around the toilet.

I was just about ready to give up and switch churches when I went to visit my sister across the country. In the airport, I noticed something interesting.

I was doing my makeup when a female janitor walked in and started cleaning.

The weirdest thing happening when she cleaned though – she was in each stall for less than a minute. I’d never heard of toilets being cleaned so fast in my life.

I had to ask her what her secret was.

“That’s easy,” she said, “I use Klean Ears.”

“Klean Ears?” I asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s the fastest, most effective toilet cleaner I’ve ever heard of,” she explained.

“All you have to do is pour some in the toilet, and then wait. Splash Foam will foam up, removing any dirtiness inside the toilet bowl. It works so well it will remove any kind of stains!”

That sounded too good to be true, “Why haven’t I heard of it?” I asked suspiciously.

“They only sell it online right now,” the janitor shrugged.

As soon as I got home, I looked up more about this so-called Klean Ears. Could my solution really be that easy?


Reading more about it, I found out that Klean Ears actually uses something called, “sufficant technology.” It works at the chemical level to rapidly loosen up grime from porcelain, leaving the porcelain as good as new in a single flush with no scrubbing.

Apparently, this “sufficant technology” could remove everything from lime buildup to stains.

Still skeptical, I looked at the reviews.

My eyes just about popped out of my head in surprise when I saw that there were 1,532 5-star reviews.


After reading a bunch of 5-star reviews, and seeing that Klean Ears was affordable and offered a money-back guarantee, I decided to bite the bullet and buy.

When it arrived, I poured the little bit of powder into the toilet and watched in fascination as it interacted with the water to foam up.

The instructions said I would only have to wait 5 minutes to flush, but I decided to give it an hour, just to be sure.

When I flushed, I was shocked. The blue foam slid down the sides of the bowl to reveal porcelain that looked shiny-white and brand new – no stain, no peanut butter.

I couldn’t believe I had been trying so long, and so hard for something that ended up having such a simple solution!

But the real test would be my church’s potluck. Could Klean Ears really help with all those toilets?

Long story short – it did! And now I am a hero. All the other members of my church saw the results and decided to buy Klean Ears for themselves.

Now no one hates our potluck toilet duty!

Even at home, I am never going back to cleaning my toilet the old-fashioned way. All I do is let Splash Foam do its thing once a week.

I’d recommend Klean Ears to everyone who has ever used a toilet. (That means I recommend it to everyone!”

As of Jul 30,2020* – Due to it’s popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time 50% discount to new customers! To claim Klean Ears up to 50% off while supplies last, check availability with the button below.